Saturday, July 23, 2011

Challenge 9 - shopping our stash - technique turnback

This is my project for the technique turn back at shopping our stash.  This card is done with the napkin folding technique.  I found the tutorial on split coast stampers.  I also did some distressing and edged it all with my Martha Stewart punch...Thanks for looking

Monday, July 4, 2011

shopping our stash #6

Okay, this is a total recycle and I think it definitely meets the criteria for SOS for this weeks challenge.
When I retired (5 years ago) my daughter decorated this paint can and filled it with retirement survival gear. I loved the way she did it and hung onto it for 5 years. well my sister turned 65 this year and our tradition is that all the siblings contribute $65 to the pot of gold ( I have 6 siblings). We were all getting together to celebrate and my other sister was bringing the pot of gold for us to fill. Well with the Air Canada strike and the mail strike, she was limited in what she could bring and the pot of gold got left behind. Well my sister is a big fan of Farrow and Ball Paint, so I thought I would recycle the paint can and we would use that, so I went online and checked what their paint cans looked like. I used the original paper that my daughter used, but some pieces were worn and had to be replaced, so I was quite surprised that I could dig into my stash and come up with some things that were very similar. all the flowers are original as are the ribbons on the handles. the rest I copied from the Farrow and Ball site, and I made up the name (they have odd names for their paint colours)This was good because it incorporated the gold and appropriate cause my sister had just been on Citi Line and her question was about painting the front door. anyway to make a very long story almost short, this tin has been completely recycled and the recipient (my sister) just loved it.

shopping our stash # 6

well I finally got a chance to finish my card and then I could not find the plug to download pix from my camera. aghhhhh. luckily I had a card reader so I could do it that way. I don't know what goblins took my plug, but I'm sure it will turn up....
I made this card for my Grand daughters 3rd bday.  I think it meets all the criteria for the SOS challenge for this week. I purchased the paper about 6 months ago specifically for the colors, I was making a quilt card for my sister for her bday. I only used the edges around this paper, so I had a rather large piece left over and it had the bird pattern on it, so I thought I may as well use it up. while digging for some bling to put on it I came across the little bird clothes hangers. I don't know how long I've had them for and quite frankly I'm not sure why I bought them, anyway I thought I would make some tags, (from scraps of course) and let the birds hold the tags. It's a simple card, but I got to use up some products I've had sitting around. thanks for looking.