Tuesday, August 17, 2010

only 271 to go, it's starting to look like I won't make it.....I'm not even half way there and the year is nearly over..

last two for today

tried to save time uploading 4 at a time and ended up doing it 4 times.....next time only 2
this is a sympathy card I made using some of that crappy photo paper from the dollar store
MORE cards

other cards made over summer

cards made at card night

just a little sticker card I did with the girls

a little too flowery

guess who's two......

I got a new die for a poinsetta which I just love, I'm using it for my Christmas cards at card night. I made enough for my display, 12 cards and 5 extras

well I'm getting desperate now so I have to count everything, I made these flowers with my new cuttlebug quiller, it was lots of fun