Monday, January 18, 2010

well now that I've spent an hour downloading all this (it took forever for the pictures to upload) I see it's all in reverse order so you have to start from one for the comments to make sense. I'll be wiser next time. (maybe)
will post more after my class in February.
tata for now

365 challenge #7

this is just a variation of the same card. I put the white on red so it didn't look quite so feminine. I needed a quick card for my friend John's birthday and it worked out fine.

365 challenge #6

I made this card last year for my nieces birthday and I love white on white so I decided to make it again. it is very simple just cuttlebug white paper with the happy birthday folder ( I used bling) then I used the cuttlebug die to create the present, and glitted the card and present.

365 challenge #5

this is my last valentine. all were made with the same paper and stamps, just different variations.

365 challenges #4

another side view, stand by cause there's one more. at least they are not upside down.....these valentines were made with valentine paper I got at Michaels for .20 good deal, with pink cardstock. I picked up the little heart set (acrylic stamps) I stamped and cut out the hearts. I used nestabilities for the circles.

365 challenge #3

another side view of one of my valentines, it must be going sideways because I had the white paper under it. oh well, tilt your head

365 Challenge #2

I made this card for my niece's upcoming wedding. I used scalloped white paper and ran it through the cuttlebug with hearts, then glittered the hearts, the black and white is from Stampin up and then I just used a photo I had to show their image, I would have liked the picture a little smaller, but that is the only size Walmart could print.

challenge 365 #1

this is a side view and I didn't know how to rotate it, one of the valentines cards I made.
Well here are my items 1-7 for the challenge, I've been tardy but should pick up after I get back from Jamaica. I'm taking a class in alcohol inks in Feb. so I hope to post some items from that

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Well I never thought I'd actually do a blog, but here I am thanks to my daughter Deena. Deena has started a challenge and I have accepted. The object is to do 365 projects preferably using items you already own. You don't have to do one a day but must complete the projects within the year. sounds easy.......Now all I have to do is get busy.
All this blogging and posting is new to me so you must bear with me. Hopefully by the end of the 365 projects I'll have an idea of what I'm doing.
Well I'm off to start on project number 1.